Thursday, 5 July 2012

SharePoint 2010 - InfoPath form Library

A tool provided as part of office system which helps to design, develop, deploy and configure XSLT standards compliant user interfaces out of XML document/schema required for business data collection.

Business data --- Work Flow, business process

Form Library

A document library that keeps tracks of user inputted XML documents and associated with an InfoPath template.

Browser Support for InfoPath in enterprise edition, session state is required for InfoPath

InfoPath Form Services.

One of the enterprise edition features provided as part of SharePoint Plat Form which helps to publish and render InfoPath documents as browser compatible HTML forms with client side AJAX implementation.
Browser support

Features of InfoPath

1.       Available as separate licensing for scalable configuration and reduces licensing cost
2.       XML schema based UI structure and design
3.       Out of the box controls for better UI design
4.       Inbuilt support to UI validation
5.       .NET(C# and VB) based customization in UI processing. VSTA(visual studio tools for application)
6.       Different types of data connection support for integrating UI with external systems.
7.       Reusable template part support
8.       Support of SOA features including web services, WCF services(limited to only basic http binding) and REST enabled services
9.       Views and Navigation support (like wizard) to design UI modular.
10.   Options to publish InfoPath data to SP libraries and Lists
11.   Content type Support in publishing InfoPath forms
12.   Options to extract InfoPath data as column(which would be useful for reporting and workflow)
13.   Browser support to InfoPath form rendering
14.   Form viewer web part support for Rendering InfoPath forms in a specific zone.
15.   InfoPath form controls for both windows and web for better application integration
16.   Data connection library support for looking up connection information required for InfoPath Data Sources.
17.   WSP deployment and packaging support

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