Monday, 21 October 2013

Configuring SharePoint 2013 to support workflow Management Service

Configuring SharePoint 2013 to support workflow Management Service

By default, in SharePoint 2013, Workflow Manager Service is not configured. Workflow Manager Service has to be downloaded, installed and configured manually before it can be used in SP 2013. Here is a step by step walk-through.  
Step 1: Open Microsoft Web Platform Installer
My version of WPI is 4.5

Step 2: Search for Workflow. You will get the below list

Step 3: Select Workflow Manger 1.0, click Add and then "Install"
Step 4:  Click on "I Accept"

Step 5:  Click on "Continue"

Step 6:  Click on "Continue"

Step 7:  Click on "Configure Workflow Manager with Custom Settings"

Step 8:  Click on all " Test  Connection" buttons

Step 9:  Supply User details and Passwords

Step 10:  Accept the defaults  and check "Allow Workflow management over HTTP on this computer" option as your system is not configured for HTTPS.

Step 11:  Next task is Service Bus configuration.

Step 12:  Do test connections and select "use the same account" and "use the same certificate" options.

Step 13:  Accept the summary screen

Step 14:  Now, installation in progress and it will take couple of

Step 15:  Installation complete

Step 16:  Check Application Pool "WorkflowMgmtPool" running or not

Step 17:  Check web site "Workflow Management  Site" running or not

Step 18:  Install Cumulative updates. First install cumulative update of Service Bus

Step 19:  Install Workflow Manager 1.0 Cumulative Update 1

Step 20:  Do IIS RESET
Step 21:  Workflow Service Status will still remain "Not Connected"

Step 22:  You need to register "Workflow Manger". For that, Open Management Shell

Step 23:  Give this command "Register-SPWorkflowService -SPSite "http://xxxx" -WorkflowHostUri "http://xxxx:12291" - AllowOAuthHttp

Step 24:  Refresh the page. Your Workflow Service Status is "connected" now.

Step 25:  You can also verify this using SharePoint Designer. For that, connect to the server

Step 26:  Select Workflow, click on List workflow. Check the platform type by clicking on Platform Type Selection box. You will see both SharePoint 2010 Workflow and SharePoint 2013 Workflow.

Leave a comment when it makes your task easy. Good Luck!

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