Thursday, 5 July 2012

SharePoint 2010 - Enterprise Content Management

ECM – One of the enterprise application Features provided as part of SharePoint Plat Foam which helps to take full control over or govern or administer document flow, content flow or information flow in the organization with automated features. It is available in only in Share Point Server.
Five components that make ECM really works
1.       WCM – web content management
2.       DM – Document Management
3.       DAM – Digital Assent Management
4.       RM – Record Management
5.       IRM –  Information Right Management
1, 2 are available in Standard and rest are available in Enterprise Edition
ECM Features
WCM – Capabilities
1.       Unified browser based tool sets for authoring/reviewing/publishing with work flow.
2.       Multi-lingual editor support in authoring
3.       Out of the box support to spell checking the browser itself
4.       Options to view differences between pages of changes in the browser.
5.       Options to create custom page layout
6.       One click page layout change support
7.       Scheduled publishing support
8.       Reusable content library support
9.       In-built work flow support for publishing(Approval work flow)
10.    Variation(add multi-lingual support) for multi-lingual sites
11.   Better control over caching content (Pages, Page Layouts can choose different caching). SharePoint caching is in memory and restarting will lose caching.
12.   Content deployment support for linking SharePoint sites
DM – capabilities
13.   Document conversion support for publishing web pages out of office documents
14.   Content Organizer to manage documents relocated to different libraries in an automated way.
15.   Document ID service to uniquely identify documents
16.   Document set service to group. Set of related documents
17.   Taxonomy and Foxonomy Services to document management(Managed and unmanaged way of tagging)
18.   Content type based identifying, grouping and organizing documents
RM – capabilities
                A mechanism of archiving business use completed documents and list items into separate SharePoint sites.
19.   Record management is available as solution and features (any site can leverage)
20.   Record routing support (a mechanism of organizing business use completed documents and list items into appropriate libraries)
21.   EDRM (Electronic discover reference model) compliant. A specification that governs how editing and changes applied to archived documents controls how search impacts records in displaying search results.
22.   Hold management to support adding dependency to records
23.   Multi stage retention policy to records
IRM – capabilities
24.   WRMS integration (Window right management services)
25.   Options to support content extraction policies
26.   Options to define content expiration policy to downloaded documents
27.   Options to configure information security management policy that includes labelling, expiration policy, auditing and generating barcode
DAM – capabilities
28.   Separate and dedicated document library template for managing media assets
29.   Options to capture media meta data information such as author, copy right details , dimension and image labels
30.   Options to configure IIS media service to secure media assets from being miss-used
Reference materials
1.       Wrox press- professional share point 2010 web content management
2.       Addison Wesley Essential SharePoint 2010 content management
3.       APress- Pro SharePoint 2010 development solutions
4.       Microsoft Press SharePoint 2010 development Reference(Advance reference)

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